Winners Announced!

2014-07and08-tt-05-ia-string-instruments-on-a-piano-ss163379336-300x200The winners of this year’s first annual CSO Piano Concerto Competition and CVASTA competitions will solo with the Cache Symphony in their upcoming concert on April 19, 2015. Come support the winners and their great musical accomplishments.

CSO Piano Concerto Competition Winner: Rachel Smith, age 12, will perform the first movement  of Haydn Concerto in D minor with the Cache Symphony Orchestra. Second place winner was Emma Cardon, and third place winner was Hankoi Hubert.

CVASTA Winner: Donni Evans, age 16, will perform the last movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor with the Cache Symphony Orchestra.


4 thoughts on “Winners Announced!

  1. I so enjoyed the June 15 concert. I am hoping you can tell me about one of the sounds I heard during “The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music.” I believe it was the second time the theme was played that I heard a very different sound carrying the melody. A muted trumpet perhaps?

  2. I’m sure your piano competition will be fierce. This is a good way for others to hear diferent unity and variety with thier music by different techniques.

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